Volunteer Opportunities!

This year volunteers will be paired with a class for a 30-min drop-in session where volunteers video call with the students to share their personal stories and experiences about their educational and career path. Volunteers will answer students' questions around the JA program content which focuses on financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship and help students connect the material to real world situations through personal stories and anecdotes.

Please review our program descriptions and select which program(s) interest you. We will be in contact when we have opportunities available for those programs and will connect you with the classroom teacher for the two of you to deteremine a date, time and platform for your drop-in session.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate these uncertain times.

JA More Than Money - Grade 4

Students complete entrepreneurial activities that allow them to develop business strategies. Students learn how to identify the role of money, generate income, create a business plan, and manage their personal finances.

JA Our Business World - Grade 5

Students explore how businesses are created, why they change, and the role business plays in Canadian communities. Using games and multimedia, students will learn about innovation, start-ups and self-employment.

JA A Business of Our Own - Grade 6

Students experience entrepreneurship as they complete the process of setting up their very own retail sales stand and develop an awareness of the decision-making, creative thinking, and responsibility involved in operating a business.

JA Dollars with Sense - Grade 7

Challenge students to apply personal money management skills in their own lives, starting now!  Topics include: currency, methods of payment, smart shopping, online safety, needs, wants and goals, budgeting, and basic investing.

JA Economics for Success - Grade 8

Students consider the economic advantages of education and using strategies for success. Topics include: goal setting, career planning, post-secondary options, personal budgeting, networking, and creating a personal brand.

JA World of Choices - Grades 9-12

JA World of Choices brings students together with career mentors. In small sessions, students learn first-hand what it takes to be successful. The program clarifies career and educational pathways, actively engaging students in designing their career path.


JA Personal Finance - Grades 9-12

Develop personal money management skills by exploring key elements of personal finance such as spending wisely, budgeting, saving, investing, and using credit.

JA Company Program - Grades 9-12

Foster the entrepreneurial spirit as a group of 15-20 students plan and operate their own small company. Students establish goals, raise capital, prepare a business plan, manufacture a product or provide a service, and develop marketing and sales strategies.



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